Dr. Matthew Krasowski Receives the 2022 Outstanding Service Award from IAPSAC

Dr. Matthew Krasowski and Kerstin Marnin, IAPSAC PresidentOn September 12, 2023, Dr. Matthew Krasowski was honored with the prestigious 2022 Outstanding Service Award by the Iowa chapter of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (IAPSAC). This accolade serves as a testament to Dr. Krasowski's unwavering dedication to the field of child maltreatment.

The mission of IAPSAC is to elevate the efforts and responses of professionals who work tirelessly with children and families impacted by abuse and neglect (see more details at: IAPSAC.org).

Dr. Krasowski’s nomination for this award stated: “Dr. Krasowski has made remarkable contributions to the field of child protection. He has led and participated in multiple quality improvement initiatives and research studies focusing on toxicology testing in children. His work has significantly expanded the understanding of the limitations and parameters of testing, the interpretation of test results, and the best practices in toxicology sample collection for pediatric patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Krasowski has been a pillar of support when it comes to interpreting complex or unexpected lab results and facilitating additional confirmatory testing when needed. His invaluable guidance extends to the development of note templates that the SCH Child Protection Program routinely uses for toxicology interpretation, covering various types of testing, including umbilical cord, urine, and hair tests. These notes serve as a critical tool for providing clear and concise explanations of test results to community partners in Health and Human Services and law enforcement agencies. The SCH Child Protection Program frequently consults with Dr. Krasowski on test results, specific testing methods, and quality improvement initiatives. The nomination submitted for this award expressed profound gratitude for his continued sharing of expertise and his influential voice within the field.”

The 2023 Board of Directors of IAPSAC comprises Regina Butteris, Kerstin Marnin, Polly Iben, Kristen Kasner, Reed Kious, and Bev Saboe. The Executive Committee is led by Kerstin Marnin as President, Regina Butteris as Vice President/Treasurer, and Kristen Kasner as Secretary.

Congratulations to Dr. Krasowski on this well-deserved honor.



Wednesday, September 13, 2023