Dr. Schlueter Wins the Excellence in Clinical Coaching Award

June 1, 2017

The UIHC Graduate Medical Education office has selected Dr. Annette Schlueter as the recipient of the 2017 Excellence in Clinical Coaching Award. This award was created to “recognize faculty for their outstanding performance in clinical coaching that handcrafts the next generation of stellar physicians.” Dr. Schlueter was nominated by a number of residents, whose endorsements included the following statements:

  • “Beyond setting a brilliant example as the leader of the transfusion medicine service, Dr. Schlueter is an energetic and highly effective teacher. She never misses an opportunity to make an important teaching point, even during after-hours on-call situations, and cares deeply that trainee rotations are engaging, rich learning experiences. …Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Schlueter teaches critical thinking and evidence-based approaches to clinical and laboratory issues, skills that can translate from transfusion medicine to all areas of pathology practice.”
  • “There is seemingly no bad time for a question, and she takes her time to thoroughly explain her answer with emphasis on clinically relevant take-home points. She provides excellent didactics, of the residents choosing, which help mold a framework for learning transfusion medicine. This is no small feat, given breadth and depth of different resources one must familiarize and master when practicing transfusion medicine. To be able to take information in the form of guidelines and standards and to put it in a tangible and clinically useful way is something she excels at.”
  • “Dr. Schlueter is a model clinician. She is an advocate for her patients, showing time and again that while we may be a very focused part of an individual's overall care; we also have an opportunity to coordinate with other care providers to ensure optimal outcomes.”
  •  “As a teacher, she's able to strike the all-important balance between showing strong leadership and inspiring confidence in her pupils. Her instructions are always clear and concise, which is invaluable for new trainees making crucial patient-care decisions. She also welcomes questions and discussion, and actively involves trainees when formulating patient care and treatment plans.”

A faculty member also offered this statement:

  • To me and to my pathology colleagues, Annette personifies excellence, devotion and dedication as an educator and mentor.  In addition to being an outstanding teacher, she is very humble and approachable and a very nice person to work with. Having seen and experienced the effect of her time, hard work and unwavering dedication to the education of hundreds of trainees to include medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and technicians over the years , I truly believe she is most deserving of this acknowledgement.

Prior to this award, Dr. Schlueter also won the 2016 Pathology Resident Teaching Award. Congratulations!