Dr. Siegfried “Siggy” Janz received a five-year NIH R01 research grant entitled “Biological Validation of Candidate Myeloma Driver Genes"

January 12, 2017

Siegfried Janz, MD, DSc

The envisioned studies constitute a highly collaborative, inter-departmental research effort that will involve valued colleagues from Pathology (Drs. Carol Holman, Xuefang Jing and Ramakrishna Sompallae), Internal Medicine (Fenghuang “Frank” Zhan and Guido Tricot), Radiology (Drs. John Sunderland and Susan Walsh) and the College of Pharmacy (Dr. Meng Wu).

A strong focus of the project is to further our understanding of the role of the forkhead box M1 transcription factor, FOXM1, in myeloma development and progression. Hopefully, this will lead to the design and testing of new FOXM1-targeted approaches for improved therapy and prevention of multiple myeloma and related blood cancers of the B-cell lineage.