Dr. Snow Receives an Excellence in Clinical Coaching Award

June 7, 2018

Dr. Anthony Snow

The UIHC Graduate Medical Education office has selected Dr. Anthony Snow as a recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Clinical Coaching Award. This award was created to “recognize faculty for their outstanding performance in clinical coaching that handcrafts the next generation of stellar physicians.” Dr. Snow was nominated by a number of residents, whose endorsements included the following statements:

  • "He often highlights the importance of knowing the clinical consequences of our pathologic diagnoses, in order to know the treatment decisions that will be made based on our results."
  • "During individual microscopic sessions with residents, he takes the time to evaluate the resident’s knowledge base and asks relevant questions to expand their comprehension."
  • "He is unique among his peers in that he seeks out residents to follow up on surgical pathology cases that carry over between rotations to ensure that maximum educational benefit is always achieved."
  • "During sign-out, he asks clinical questions related to the slide that we are reviewing. This allows him to take the opportunity to add clinical context in a way that makes sense and introduces additional clinical information."
  • "Dr. Snow stands out for his enthusiasm to guide residents and help to fill in gaps as they are identified."

Congratulations Dr. Snow!