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Dr. Stacey Klutts appointed VA Associate National Director, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service

Dr. Stacey KluttsWe are pleased to announce that J. Stacey Klutts, MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology, has been appointed as the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Associate National Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

In this position, Dr. Klutts will advise on all areas of pathology for the VA system, focusing on areas within clinical pathology.  He will assist the Executive National Director in leading policy planning, development, implementation, testing and communication during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic.  He will also be more generally tasked with reviewing and evaluating medical care and administrative functions in VACO/VAMCs as it relates to laboratory services,  collaborating with VACO senior leaders and serving on VACO committees as needed to include conducting high-level briefings, and commenting on legislation, budget initiatives, and major policy changes in VA Pathology and Lab Medicine.

Dr. Klutts has been at UIHC and the Iowa City VA since 2007, and he has been a leader in VA for many years.  He has served as the Chair of the VA National Microbiology Council tasked with developing the Clinical Microbiology module for new VA Cerner PathNet laboratory information system.  Dr. Klutts has also worked with the VA National Infectious Diseases Service on a variety of projects over the years, leading to the deployment of novel infection prevention strategies supported by standardized laboratory data.

Sunday, April 24, 2022