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Drs. Matt Keeney and Amelia Fierro-Fine will serve as Co-Chief Residents for 2015-2016

July 08, 2015

Drs. Matt Keeney and Amelia Fierro-Fine Co-Chief Residents 2015-2016

We asked Matt and Amelia what they most look forward to in taking on this new role:

We are excited to lead the residency program this year. We hope to keep all of the excellent parts of Iowa's pathology residency strong. Fortunately we have a great bunch of residents to help us do this. We would also like to make our mark this year by reviving a resident driven slide conference and making the call schedule more accessible. Other ideas in the making include improving cross-coverage policies during critically low staffing times such as boards and United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) week, and possibly setting up a "resident mentor" program in which senior residents help out incoming R1s. We would also like to update and improve some parts of the UI pathology residency website.

We also wish to thank Carly Rysgaard and Stephanie Stauffer for their service as Co-Chief Residents throughout 2014-15. Their service as chiefs has been commendable, and they have been active behind the scenes in maintaining and improving the quality of the program. We hope that the leadership skills Carly and Steph gained over past year will serve them well in their future careers.