Emily Fuller, MS, PA, receives UIHC "Excellence in Interprofessional Education and Practice" Award

May 6, 2016

Emily Fuller, the Surgical Pathology Laboratory Supervisor-Pathologist's Assistant, was one of six recipients of the 2016 UIHC "Excellence in Interprofessional Education and Practice" Award. This award recognizes the contributions of non-physician health care team members to the education and practice of trainees. As a part of the nomination process, Pathology trainees shared the following comments about Ms. Fuller:

"Emily is a great teacher and resource in the gross room, always willing to drop what she's doing and help you out, from one off questions to walking you through an entire case. She's always on the lookout for less common specimens you might not have much experience with, gently pushing you out of your comfort zone but in a way that's appropriate for your level of training. She also anticipates pitfalls that might come up, both with regards to keeping the gross room running smoothly as well as grossing technique. She's great at helping you understand why we take the sections we do and how they help the pathologist report important staging information to the clinician in order for them to provide optimal patient care. Her teaching has definitely helped the residents become more complete pathologists."

"In the chaos of the gross room, Emily is a steady and calming presence.  She shares her expertise in grossing cancer specimens with residents on a daily basis.  Particularly as an extern and again as a junior resident, she always answered my questions in a non-judgmental manner.  Through her managerial role in the gross room; she also sets a similar tone for other lab assistants which makes for a pleasant work environment."

"I have had the tremendous fortune of having Emily Fuller as a mentor in the gross room for three years. During this time, she has taken on more administrative and managerial tasks while continuing to be our most productive pathology assistant. No matter how busy she is, she will take time to help residents, fellows, and other PAs with complicated specimens to ensure the best possible patient care. She defines, critiques, and refines policies that improve workflow for the pathology department as a whole. Emily does all of this with a consistently positive attitude. Her presence alone is a tremendous morale booster for everyone working in the gross room. Emily is truly deserving of theExcellence in Interprofessional Education & Practice Award."

Ms. Fuller was also the recipient of the 2015 Megan C. Danton Award, presented by Pathology residents to a laboratory staff member for exemplifying excellence and dedication in teaching laboratory medicine.