Megan Samuelson, MD, Received the Medical Education Celebration Day Award

November 14, 2014

Megan Samuelson receiving teaching award

Megan Samuelson, MD, assistant professor of pathology, was honored at the Education Celebration Day on Thursday, November 13, 2014, with a teaching award. Dr. Samuelson joins recent department of pathology honorees, Drs. Matt Krasowski, Nancy Rosenthal, Pat Kirby and Leslie Bruch.

The nominations read "Megan Samuelson, MD, significantly contributes to medical student education at the Carver College of Medicine in multiple ways. Of course, she lectures to M2 medical students in the Medical Pathology course and facilitates pathology small groups every year, consistently receiving excellent ratings by the students. Far beyond that, she serves as the Externship Program Director (post-sophomore fellowship in pathology) for the department. The Externship Program is an excellent and somewhat unique educational program with a strong history in this institution, where medical students take a year out to spend in the pathology department doing clinical work. Directorship of this program involves not only administrative oversight, but numerous hours of contact with the 5-6 medical student “Pathology Externs” over the course of each academic year teaching and mentoring/advising. At every forum, Dr. Samuelson is a constant advocate for medical student education and an excellent role model in this regard."