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Resident and Fellow Farewell Dinner Award Presentations

July 6, 2016

The 9th annual Department of Pathology Resident and Fellow Farewell Dinner was held Friday, June 17, 2016. Approximately 85 people attended to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating trainees. Several departmental awards were also announced, including the following:

Resident Teaching Award:


Annette Schlueter (left), Craig Dunseth (right)

This year's recipient of the Resident Teaching Award is Annette Schlueter, MD, PhD. This award is given each year to a faculty member in the Department of Pathology who displays exemplary teaching and mentoring skills while working with the residents.

When nominating her for the award, residents shared the following comments:

  • "She embodies the description for this award. Always available and willing to teach."
  • "Great teacher, enthusiastic and always welcome any questions even at mid night!!!"
  • "Dr. Schlueter is great at helping you put together the most important things to take away from every patient/case, whether it's how to manage a transfusion reaction, or how to work through a complicated antibody panel. She also has a sixth sense for when you're not quite understanding a concept, and really drilling down until you really get it. In addition, I always appreciate the extra didactic sessions she puts together when she is on service, which can range from discussing basic concepts in more depth to covering unusual topics that wouldn't normally come up on service, depending on your interests. Altogether, she just does so much to make every moment she's on service a great learning opportunity."

Megan C. Danton Award:


Denny Drees (left), Craig Dunseth (right)

This year’s recipient of the Megan C. Danton award is Denny Drees, BS, MT(ASCP). The Danton award is presented annually by Pathology Residents to a laboratory staff member for exemplifying excellence and dedication in teaching laboratory medicine.

When nominating him for the award, residents shared the following comments:

  • "This year Denny retired after 30+ years in the core lab. While he was here he was always a welcome friendly face around the lab. He was able to explain clinical lab tests to residents in an educational manner and spent time with residents going over QA. He was always available to ask a question, and he usually knew the answer. He will be missed by the residents!"
  • "Denny always seemed to go out of his way to help residents understand processes in the lab. He has a wealth of knowledge he is always willing to share."

George D. Penick Award:

Matt Keeney (left), Chris Jensen (right)

This year’s recipient of the George D. Penick Award is Matt Keeney. This award is given annually to a Pathology Resident who displays excellence in and commitment to the education and teaching of medical students, peers and clinical colleagues.

When nominating him for the award, residents shared the following comments:

  • "He helped start up the Wednesday morning meetings and is enthusiastic about resident education. The Wednesday morning meetings provide a low key environment to look at and discuss interesting cases which many residents have valued. His CP presentations are high quality and he always conveys important material. As a fellow third year, he has taught me a ton and studying/looking at unknowns with him is always high yield."
  • "He is apparently one of the most modest and humble person that I have met. He has a good knowledge of the subject and applies it for his and others sake when needed in the most appropriate manner. I don't remember any particular episodes but my interaction with him has always been the most pleasant one and educationally rewarding."
  • "Though I have not had any rotation with him but based on my experience in the few Wednesday morning conferences that I had attended, I think he makes a wonderful teacher…! His approach and clarity of thought is so impressive. Besides that he made a wonderful chief resident. Always encouraging and smiling!! Looking forward to having him as a fellow!!"
  • "He has always been willing to teach lower level residents and externs. This is evident by hosting a resident driven interesting case conference and taking extra time during the day to teach."

The assembled group, led by the past and present Chief Residents, also recognized the contributions of outgoing Residency Program Director Dr. Chris Jensen, who is stepping down after 4 years.