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Thank you for your interest in the Experimental Pathology PhD subprogram. The Experimental Pathology subprogram is centered in the Department of Pathology and is a member of the Biomedical Science Program in the Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa. As detailed below, applicants apply through the Biomedical Science Program Admissions portal.

We are a direct admission subprogram

It is important to note the Experimental Pathology PhD subprogram only accepts ‘direct admits’ at this time. This means all admitted students have already identified a faculty mentor and laboratory upon entering the subprogram. Accordingly, students in Experimental Pathology do not perform rotations, but begin developing a thesis project with their mentor at the onset of their PhD training. Consistent with our direct admission policy, Medical Science Training Program (MSTP or MD/PhD) students are welcome to join the Experimental Pathology PhD subprogram.

We will consider off-cycle admissions

Since the Experimental Pathology PhD subprogram recruits students as ‘direct admits’, we will consider spring semester admission. This is the exception however, with most students starting their course of study in the fall semester.

Application Process

To be considered for the Experimental Pathology subprogram, interested students must apply to the Biomedical Science Program (BSP). The primary link to the BSP Admissions webpage is:


The key links found on the BSP ADMISSIONS site are as follows:

How to apply


International Applicants


Financial Support

UI Internal Fellowships

National Competitive Fellowships