Research Support for Pathology Services

Welcome to the Research Testing information page. Here you will find information for utilizing the Pathology Laboratories as part of your research project.

Any researcher utilizing Department of Pathology services for a study needs to obtain prior approval from the department. The approval process starts by the researcher submitting three items:
(1) A completed Research Application for Utilizing Pathology Services (RA_Path) form
(2) The protocol or abstract and if available, pertinent laboratory manual
(3) The face page of the IRB/WIRB/ACURF approval.

All three are required for approval but to prevent delay, you may initially submit (1) & (2) above to Pathology Research Coordinator.  If you submit using the SUBMIT button, a window will open where you can attach your protocol or other documents, enter identifying information in the subject line, etc.

If you choose reporting Option 1 on the RA_Path form, the research results will be displayed in Epic under the participant’s University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics medical record number (MRN) in his/her electronic health record. To ensure correct billing of this research testing, the principal investigator must contact Research Billing Compliance in Patient Financial Services (PFS).

If you choose Option 2 or 3 on the RA_Path form, invoices are generated through Pathology’s UI Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) billing system with monthly billing to your research MFK. Test ordering is not done via standard Epic processes; the laboratory uses a special research ordering process. You will receive research results in 1 of 2 ways: 1) via automated faxing to your designated, secure fax number; or 2) via e-Fax associated with an Outlook shared mailbox.

When using University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Pathology Laboratories to perform services and testing specified by a sponsor's research protocol, you may be asked to provide the sponsor with documentation of the laboratory's licensure, certifications, and accreditations.

Please be aware that the Pathology Laboratories are primarily for patient care. Patient specimens will take priority over research specimens.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact Pathology Research Coordinator.

Common Pathology Services Price List
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