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Articles about Leukocyte Reduction System (LRS) Filters

LRS Cones, a Source of Viable White Blood Cells

In compliance with regulations, the DeGowin Blood Center routinely uses leukocyte depletion filters, also called Leukocyte Reduction System (LRS) cones, to eliminate the contaminating leukocytes from blood products, such as red blood cells, at the point of collection. These LRS cones are a source of viable human white blood cells that can be used in research applications. Below is a list of links to articles describing the characteristics and use of the cells obtained from the leukocyte reduction filters.

Please contact Barb Smith at (319) 356-2058 with technical questions regarding the LRS cones.


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*Note: The UICCOM research utilized the LRS cones from UIHC’s DeGowin Blood Center in this research project.

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