Resident Comments to Faculty

Osamah Aldoss, MBBS
Clinical Associate Professor

Lori Christensen, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Guru Bhoojhawon, MBBS
Clinical Assistant Professor
General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Tarah Colaizy, MD, MPH

"Was awesome at walking through EKG and Echo results. He was great about confirming heart murmur findings and describing any discrepancies in what he heard vs my exam. He has a good rapport with his patients and families and is a great clinical role model.” “Clearly enjoys teaching, always finds opportunities to teach and will often be able to link a patient case to what she is teaching which really cements the topic for me. In addition, she is so good with families and so detail-oriented which keeps families happy but also gives me a lot to learn from. She is a great role model. Lastly, she is conscious of her patients' time, she will always find a way to more efficiently split up resident work and attending work to get patient's taken care of in a timely manner.” “Consistently provides feedback after a week of working with the residents. He is very kind and patient. I had an incredibly overwhelming week, Dr. Bhoojhawon was so supportive of how I was feeling and gave me great tips on how to approach these types of situations in the future. Furthermore, he is respectful of our time in that he asks if we are available for teaching and if we have too many clinical duties to attend to, he waits until we do have time. I really enjoyed working with him.” “She is a wonderful strong female role model and I have looked up to her throughout my training. Dr Colaizy supports trainees with graduated autonomy. She does not hover around and lets the fellow lead the team. Dr Colaizy is always willing to listen and answer any questions. She frequently explains her clinical reasoning and listens to other's points of view.”
Friday, January 29, 2021