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General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Rami Boutros, MD, MBA
Division Director

The Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has a long history of providing innovative care for Iowa's children. The dedicated faculty and health care teams want to make a difference in the health of Iowa's children and families by bringing evidence-based medicine to every day practice and providing access to specialty care when needed. The division provides exceptional training to residents, medical students, and nurse practitioners who will lead pediatric care in the years ahead.

The division also provides child protection services, palliative care, child advocacy and child policy, and promotes communication between families and physicians and day care providers and physicians. The division also has a Diagnostic Clinic that assists community providers with children with diagnostic challenges or who have complex medical needs. The Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has a certified child car seat safety inspector and promotes education, communication and training for children and families.

The Pediatric Hospitalists Program improves the continuity and consistency of staffing and enhances patient care, reduces length of stay, and improves teaching for residents and students. Increased physician presence allows for maximizing opportunities for physician-family dialogue and teaching and strengthens our commitment to patient and family-centered care. Continuity of care nurses are outstanding and contribute to patient satisfaction, quality outcomes, and facilitate referrals for community physicians.

We are leaders in public health initiatives for the state and are piloting a family navigator program in partnership with the State of Iowa Department of Public Health.