Clinical Experiences

Our clinics use the Benton Model of neuropsychological testing which is a problem-solving approach. Given the limits with our populations and geographic region, the entire visit takes place on one day with the interview, testing, and feedback session being done in that session. Patients are scheduled in the morning and typically only one testing patient is seen each day.

There are two main outpatient clinics currently. The LD/ADHD Clinic which assesses children and adolescents for various learning and attention disorders. These clinics use a neuropsychological framework for diagnosing learning and attention disorders in the absence of a medical condition. The Neuropsychology Consult Clinic assesses children and adolescents that have been referred by physicians within the University of Iowa Health Care system for neurocognitive testing given a medical concern. At this time, we do not conduct inpatient neuropsychological services, but this has been done in the past and we are hoping to expand these options.