The methodology for systems integration and development of a pediatric system of care is already being implemented on a small scale through the work of UI Health Care's Child Health Specialty Clinics (CHSC). As a public health agency, CHSC has an over sixty year history of serving Iowa's children with special health care needs and their families. Systems building, care coordination, and family support are the foundation of CHSC's work.

The UI Center for Child Health Improvement and Innovation (UI CCHII) is built on the platform of public health and health care integration, utilizing public health framework of assessment, assurance, and policy development and will strive for improvements in the lives of children, youth, and their families as well as improvements in the service delivery systems.

Public Health Framework

Core Public Health Functions Resources for Service Delivery Resources for Population Management Resources for Clinical Care
Assessment Surveillance: collecting, monitoring and reporting data Quality: developing and measuring quality metrics Standards: disseminating best practice guidelines
Policy Development Convening state and local partners to identify priority needs and goals. Developing partnerships.Participating in hospitals' community health needs assessments. Providing technical assistance and training to providers Research and disseminate new insights and innovative solutions to health problems
Assurance Engaging patients and families. Linking individuals to needed preventative health care services. Establishing community health teams. Establishing telehealth network. Creating care management entitites. Developing data systems. Assuring a competent public health and health care workforce. Informing, educating, and empowering individuals about health issues.



  • Key thematic areas include:
  • Health promotion, prevention and early intervention
  • Family and youth partnership
  • Systems integration
  • Workforce development
  • Access to care and opportunities
  • Continuum of services and support