Core Research Facilities

Eckstein Medical Research Building (EMRB)The Core Research Facilities are a collection of centralized laboratories dedicated to developing and providing state-of-the-art research resources to facilitate biomedical research. They are available on a fee-for-service basis to the entire health sciences community as well as outside entities.

The facilities below are supported by the University of Iowa, the Carver College of Medicine, the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Facilities available to Carver College of Medicine investigators include:

Core    Contact
Office of Animal ResourcesEmail Directory
Biochemistry StoresTroy Struzynski
Bioengineering ServicesDennis Wilson
Bioinformatics FacilityRichard Smith, MD
Biomedical Informatics ServicePrakash Nadkarni, MD
Boyd Knosp, MS
Biosafety Level III Laboratories Dana Ries
Biomedical Research StoreJulie Steele (Enzymes)
Sue Ross-Barta (Media)
Kevin Knudtson, PhD
Center for Biocatalysis and BioprocessingMani Subramanian, PhD
Mitch Rotman 
Central Microscopy Research FacilitiesRandy Nessler
Comparative Pathology Laboratory  Katherine N. Gibson-Corley DVM, PhD
Crystallography FacilityLokesh Gakhar, PhD
Electron Spin Resonance FacilityBrett Wagner, MS
Flow Cytometry FacilityJustin Fishbaugh
Gene Transfer Vector Core Facility (see Viral Vector Core Facility)   
Genome Editing Core Facility (formerly the Transgenic and Genome Manipulation Core Facility)William Paradee, PhD
High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Facility  Lynn Teesch, PhD
High Throughput Screening Facility (UIHTS)    Meng Wu, PhD
Hybridoma FacilityPaul Kapke, PhD  
Iowa Institute of Human Genetics: Bioinformatics DivisionDiana Kolbe, PhD
Iowa Institute of Human Genetics: Genomics Division (formerly the DNA Facility)Kevin Knudtson, PhD
Magnetic Resonance Research FacilityVincent Magnotta, PhD
Metabolic PhenotypingJamie Soto
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility  Liping Yu, PhD
Protein FacilityJoel Nott  
Proteomics FacilityMarshall Pope, PhD
Radiation and Free Radical Research Facility  Douglas Spitz, PhD
Small Animal Imaging FacilityJohn Sunderland, PhD
Tissue Procurement Core FacilityC. Michael Knudson, PhD
Transgenic and Genome Manipulation Facility (see Genome Editing Core Facility)  
Viral Vector Core Facility (formerly the Gene Transfer Vector Core Facility)William Paradee, PhD