Structure and Function of Membrane Ion Channels and Transporters

Francois M. Abboud, MD

Function of stretch-activated channels and E-NaC/Degenerin proteins in nodose baroreceptor neurons; Modulation of Na+ and K+ channel activation in baroreceptor neurons by autocrine factors; Molecular mechanisms involved in K+ channel activation in baroreceptor neurons

Christopher A. Ahern, PhD

Function and pharmacology voltage-gated sodium channels that drive rapid upstroke of the action-potential throughout the body

Kevin P. Campbell, PhD

Cell membrane integrity and muscular dystrophy

Mark Chapleau, PhD

Molecular and cellular mechanisms that determine baroreceptors reflex sensitivity in normal and pathological states.

N. Charles Harata, MD, PhD

Structure and function of synapses in mammalian brains

Wayne Johnson, PhD

Molecular mechanisms of mechanosensitive ion channel function

Amy Lee, PhD

Molecular regulation of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels

George Richerson, MD, PhD

Role of GABA transporters in regulation of tonic inhibition, including by releasing GABA by reversing during depolarization

Erwin Shibata, PhD

Signal transduction of ion channels by membrane receptor activation; cardiac and smooth muscle electrophysiology

Peter Snyder, PhD

Structure, function, and regulation of DEG/ENaC ion channels, and their role in diseases such as hypertension

Michael J. Welsh, MD

Structure and function of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator chloride channel; Innate immunity in defense of the pulmonary airways; Gene therapy for lung diseases; Biology of ENaC sodium channels and their dysfunction in disease; Structure, function and physiology of nonvoltage-gated sodium channels with an emphasis on mechanosensation