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Continuing Medical Education

There are several opportunities for faculty and staff at the University of Iowa and health care professionals across the state to expand their knowledge of the field through continuing medical education activities in the Department of Psychiatry.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is an opportunity for the department to focus on and learn more about a particular clinical issue, from the perspectives of both patient care and research. The session is jointly led by two faculty members, one primarily a clinician and another primarily a researcher. The presentation begins with a resident describing a case history of a patient whose clinical scenario highlights the topic of the day. The clinical faculty member then interviews the patient and brings out some of the key aspects of the problem and of its treatment. Next, the clinical faculty member lectures on what is known about the assessment and management of the problem. The research faculty member then lectures on how investigation at the biological or clinical level is helping to answer questions that will ultimately lead to improved care for patients with the clinical issue. Finally, the audience is encouraged to address issues raised during the round. For more information, please contact Sarah Butler.

Iowa Health Pro Network

Iowa Health Pro Network bridges the gap between an academic medical center and the state's health professional communities—giving them access to current information on the safest and most effective care for their patients. Some videos may be eligible for continuing medical education credits.