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Intellectual Disability-Mental Illness Program


The Intellectual Disability–Mental Illness (ID-MI) Program provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary care to adults with intellectual disability, mental illness, and challenging behavior.

Our team consists of  psychiatrists, a physician assistant, clinical psychologists, a therapist, nursing staff, a speech-language pathologist, and a program manager. In total, the ID-MI Program team has 50 years of experience supporting people with intellectual disability and mental illness in clinical and community settings.

The ID-MI Program:

  • Partners with families, community providers, referring clinicians, social workers, state agencies, and other professionals at UIHC to provide outpatient and inpatient services. We address challenging behavior and implement behavioral plans.
  • Understands that each patient’s needs and support team is unique and that challenging behavior stems from a number of different factors
  • Tailors clinical care and behavioral recommendations to each patient and situation
  • Offers recommendations, training, and interventions for community providers and caregivers in order to increase their capacity to serve our patients

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