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Featured Publications

Following are some of the most outstanding publications resulting from research conducted in our University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry over the past several years. They feature work on illnesses such as schizophrenia, eating disorder, and Huntington’s disease, and problems such as anxiety, panic, and suicide. The methods of investigation include brain imaging, molecular neuroscience, genetics, and clinical epidemiology. Clicking on the “Read the abstract” will take you to the National Library of Medicine PubMed website where you can read a synopsis of the paper. In bold are the names of the faculty members in our department who played a role in the work. 



JAMA Psychiatry

Jorge RE, Acion L, Burin DI, Robinson RG.

Sertraline for preventing mood disorders following traumatic brain injury: a randomized clinical trial.

JAMA Psychiatry. 2016 Oct 1;73(10):1041-1047. Read the abstract. 

Biological Psychiatry

Lutter M, Khan MZ, Satio K, Davis KC, Kidder IJ, McDaniel L, Darbro BW, Pieper AA, Cui H.

The eating-disorder associated HDAC4A778T mutation alters feeding behaviors in female mice.

 Biological Psychiatry. 2017 May 1;81(9):770-777. Read the abstract. 

Mart’nez-Rivera A, Hao J, Tropea TF, Giordano TP, Kosovsky M, Rice RC, Lee A, Huganir RL, Striessnig J, Addy NA, Han S*, Rajadhyaksha AM.

Enhancing VTA Cav1.3 L-type Ca2+ channel activity promotes cocaine and mood-related behaviors via overlapping AMPA receptor mechanisms in the nucleus accumbens.

Molecular Psychiatry 2017 Feb 14. [Epub ahead of print] Read the abstract. 

Molecular Psychiatry

Parker KL, Kim YC, Kelley RM, Nessler AJ, Chen KH, Muller-Ewald VA, Andreasen NC, Narayanan NS. 

Delta-frequency stimulation of cerebellar projections can compensate for schizophrenia-related medial frontal dysfunction.

Molecular Psychiatry. 2017 May;22(5):647-655. Read the abstract. 


The American Journal of Psychiatry

Epping EA, Kim JI, Craufurd D, Brashers-Krug TM, Anderson KE, McCusker E, Luther J, Long JD, Paulsen JS, PREDICT-HD Investigators and Coordinators of the Huntington Study Group.

Longitudinal psychiatric symptoms in prodromal Huntington's Disease: a decade of data.

The American Journal of Psychiatry. 2016 Feb 1;173(2):184-92. Read the abstract. 

JAMA Psychiatry

Goes FS, Pirooznia M, Parla JS, Kramer M, Ghiban E, Mavruk S, Chen YC, Monson E, Willour VL, Karchin R, Flickinger M, Locke AE, Levy S, Scott LJ, Boehnke M, BRIDGES Study investigators, Stahl E, Moran JL, McCarroll SA, Hultman CM, Landén M, Purcell SM, Sklar P, Zandi PP, McCombie WR, Potash JB.

Exome sequencing of familial bipolar disorder.

JAMA Psychiatry. 2016 Jun 1;73(6):590-7. Read the abstract. 


The American Journal of Psychiatry

Black DW, Zanarini MC, Romine A, Shaw M, Allen J, Schulz SC. 
Comparison of low and moderate dosages of extended-release quetiapine in borderline personality disorder: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. 
American Journal of Psychiatry. 2014;171(11):1174-82. Read the abstract.

Cell Reports

Yin TC, Britt JK, De Jesús-Cortés H, Lu Y, Genova RM, Khan MZ, Voorhees JR, Shao J, Katzman AC, Huntington PJ, Wassink C, McDaniel L, Newell EA, Dutca LM, Naidoo J, Cui H, Bassuk AG, Harper MM, McKnight SL, Ready JM,  Pieper AA
P7C3 neuroprotective chemicals block axonal degeneration and preserve function after traumatic brain injury. 
Cell Reports. 2014;8(6):1731-40. Read the abstract.

The Lancet Neurology

Paulsen JS, Long JD, Ross CA, Harrington DL, Erwin CJ, Williams JK, Westervelt HJ, Johnson HJ, Aylward EH, Zhang Y, Bockholt HJ, Barker RA; the PREDICT-HD Investigators and Coordinators of the Huntington Study Group. 
Prediction of manifest Huntington's disease with clinical and imaging measures: a prospective observational study. 
Lancet Neurology. 2014;13(12):1193-201. Read the abstract.

Molecular Psychiatry

Johnson CP, Follmer RL, Oguz I, Warren LA, Christensen GE, Fiedorowicz JG, Magnotta VA, Wemmie JA
Brain abnormalities in bipolar disorder detected by quantitative T1ρ mapping. 
Molecular Psychiatry. 2015;20(2):201-6. Read the abstract.

Cell Reports

Cui H, Lu Y, Khan MZ, Anderson RM, McDaniel L, Wilson HE, Yin TC, Radley JJ, Pieper AA, Lutter M 
Behavioral disturbances in estrogen-related receptor alpha-null mice. 
Cell Reports. 2015;11(3):344-50  Read the abstract.


Wang J, Wegener JE, Huang TW, Sripathy S, De Jesus-Cortes H, Xu P, Tran S, Knobbe W, Leko V, Britt J, Starwalt R, McDaniel L, Ward CS, Parra D, Newcomb B, Lao U, Nourigat C, Flowers DA, Cullen S, Jorstad NL, Yang Y, Glaskova L, Vingeau S, Kozlitina J, Yetman MJ, Janowsky JL, Reichardt SD, Reichardt HM, Gartner J, Bartolomei MS, Fang M, Loeb K, Keene CD, Bernstein I, Goodell M, Brat DJ, Huppke P, Neul JL, Bedalov A,Pieper AA
Wild-type microglia do not reverse pathology in mouse models of Rett syndrome. 
Nature. 2015;521(7552):E1-4. Read the abstract.


The Journal of Clinical Investigation

Cui H, Moore J, Ashimi SS, Mason BL, Drawbridge JN, Han S, Hing B, Matthews A, McAdams CJ, Darbro BW,Pieper AA, Waller DA, Xing C, Lutter M
Eating disorder predisposition is associated with ESRRA and HDAC4 mutations. 
J Clin Invest. 2013;123(11):4706-13. Read the abstract.

The American Journal of Human Genetics

Han S, Yang BZ, Kranzler HR, Liu X, Zhao H, Farrer LA, Boerwinkle E, Potash JB, Gelernter J. 
Integrating GWASs and human protein interaction networks identifies a gene subnetwork underlying alcohol dependence. 
Am J Hum Genet. 2013;93(6):1027-34. Read the abstract.

JAMA Psychiatry

Judd LL, Schettler PJ, Coryell W, Akiskal HS, Fiedorowicz JG
Overt irritability/anger in unipolar major depressive episodes: past and current characteristics and implications for long-term course. 
JAMA Psychiatry. 2013;70(11):1171-80. Read the abstract.

Biological Psychiatry

Magnotta VA, Johnson CP, Follmer R, Wemmie JA
Functional t1ρ Imaging in Panic Disorder. 
Biol Psychiatry. 2013. Read the abstract.

The Lancet Neurology

Tabrizi SJ, Scahill RI, Owen G, Durr A, Leavitt BR, Roos RA, Borowsky B, Landwehrmeyer B, Frost C, Johnson H, Craufurd D, Reilmann R, Stout JC, Langbehn DR; TRACK-HD Investigators.
Predictors of phenotypic progression and disease onset in premanifest and early-stage Huntington's disease in the TRACK-HD study: analysis of 36-month observational data. 
Lancet Neurol. 2013;12(7):637-49. Read the abstract.

Walker AK, Rivera PD, Wang Q, Chuang JC, Tran S, Osborne-Lawrence S, Estill SJ, Starwalt R, Huntington P, Morlock L, Naidoo J, Williams NS, Ready JM, Eisch AJ, Pieper AA, Zigman JM. 
The P7C3 class of neuroprotective compounds exerts antidepressant efficacy in mice by increasing hippocampal neurogenesis. 
Mol Psychiatry. 2014. Read the abstract


 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

De Jesus-Cortes H, Xu P, Drawbridge J, Estill SJ, Huntington P, Tran S, Britt J, Tesla R, Morlock L, Naidoo J, Melito LM, Wang G, Williams NS, Ready JM, McKnight SL, Pieper AA
Neuroprotective efficacy of aminopropyl carbazoles in a mouse model of Parkinson disease. 
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109(42):17010-5. Read the abstract.

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Jorge RE, Acion L, White T, Tordesillas-Gutierrez D, Pierson R, Crespo-Facorro B, Magnotta VA
White matter abnormalities in veterans with mild traumatic brain injury. 
Am J Psychiatry. 2012;169(12):1284-91. Read the abstract.

 Molecular Psychiatry

Lee AS, Ra S, Rajadhyaksha AM, Britt JK, De Jesus-Cortes H, Gonzales KL, Lee A, Moosmang S, Hofmann F,Pieper AA, Rajadhyaksha AM. 
Forebrain elimination of cacna1c mediates anxiety-like behavior in mice. 
Mol Psychiatry. 2012;17(11):1054-5. Read the abstract.

 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Tesla R, Wolf HP, Xu P, Drawbridge J, Estill SJ, Huntington P, McDaniel L, Knobbe W, Burket A, Tran S, Starwalt R, Morlock L, Naidoo J, Williams NS, Ready JM, McKnight SL, Pieper AA
Neuroprotective efficacy of aminopropyl carbazoles in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109(42):17016-21 Read the abstract.

 Archives of General Psychiatry

Wassink TH, Epping EA, Rudd D, Axelsen M, Ziebell S, Fleming FW, Monson E, Ho BC, Andreasen NC. 
Influence of ZNF804a on brain structure volumes and symptom severity in individuals with schizophrenia. 
Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2012;69(9):885-92. Read the abstract.

 The American Journal of Psychiatry

Andreasen NC, Liu D, Ziebell S, Vora A, Ho BC
Relapse duration, treatment intensity, and brain tissue loss in schizophrenia: a prospective longitudinal MRI study. 
Am J Psychiatry. 2013;170(6):609-15. Read the abstract.

Nature Neuroscience
Feinstein JS, Buzza C, Hurlemann R, Follmer RL, Dahdaleh NS, Coryell WH, Welsh MJ, Tranel DWemmie JA.
Fear and panic in humans with bilateral amygdala damage.
Nat Neurosci,.2013 Mar;16(3):270-2.​ Read the abstract.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Xu P, Grueter BA, Britt JK, McDaniel L, Huntington PJ, Hodge R, Tran S, Mason BL, Lee C, Vong L, Lowell BB, Malenka RC, Lutter M, Pieper AA
Double deletion of melanocortin 4 receptors and SAPAP3 corrects compulsive behavior and obesity in mice.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110(26):10759-64. Read the abstract.


Biological Psychiatry

Andreasen NC, Nopoulos P, Magnotta V, Pierson R, Ziebell S, Ho BC. 
Progressive brain change in schizophrenia: a prospective longitudinal study of first-episode schizophrenia. 
Biol Psychiatry. 2011;70(7):672-9Read the abstract

 Molecular Psychiatry

Andreasen NC, Wilcox MA, Ho BC, Epping E, Ziebell S, Zeien E, Weiss B, Wassink T
Statistical epistasis and progressive brain change in schizophrenia: an approach for examining the relationships between multiple genes. 
Mol Psychiatry. 2012;17(11):1093-102. Read the abstract.

 Biological Psychiatry

Aylward EH, Liu D, Nopoulos PC, Ross CA, Pierson RK, Mills JA, Long JD, Paulsen JS, Investigators P-H, Coordinators of the Huntington Study G. 
Striatal volume contributes to the prediction of onset of Huntington disease in incident cases. 
Biol Psychiatry. 2012;71(9):822-8. Read the abstract.

 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Magnotta VA, Heo HY, Dlouhy BJ, Dahdaleh NS, Follmer RL, Thedens DR, Welsh MJ, Wemmie JA
Detecting activity-evoked pH changes in human brain. 
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109(21):8270-3. Read the abstract.

Molecular Psychiatry

Willour VL, Seifuddin F, Mahon PB, Jancic D, Pirooznia M, Steele J, Schweizer B, Goes FS, Mondimore FM, Mackinnon DF, Bipolar Genome Study C, Perlis RH, Lee PH, Huang J, Kelsoe JR, Shilling PD, Rietschel M, Nothen M, Cichon S, Gurling H, Purcell S, Smoller JW, Craddock N, DePaulo JR, Jr., Schulze TG, McMahon FJ, Zandi PP,Potash JB
A genome-wide association study of attempted suicide. 
Mol Psychiatry. 2012;17(4):433-44. Read the abstract