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Computing and Data Storage

Major equipment, purchased largely through shared instrumentation grants, other grants, and university contributions from indirect costs, includes the following:

Compute Nodes

  • 102 64bit Linux Based cores (~10 machines) with a total of 320GB of memory
  • 156 64bit MacOS Based cores (~30 machines) with a total of 270GB of memory

Data Storage

Temporary Data Storage for beta testing

  • 1 Network Appliance FAS3020 with 2TB of Online Storage
  • 1 Network Appliance FAS3040c with 26TB of Online Storage

Tier 1 Data Storage

  • Home directory serviced on ITS managed cluster with roughly 40TB of Online Storage

Tier 2 Data Storage

  • 3 systems with a total of 102 TB of storage space

Tier 3 Data Storage

  • Information Technology Facility (ITF) off-site data center

VMWare Servers – 4 total

  • 4 Dell PowerEdge R710< >3@8x2.26GHz 1@12x226GHz Xeon Processing Cores72GB RAM1 64 Processor 2GHz Computational Cluster using Torq and Maui
  • 1 56 Processor 2GHz+ Computational Cluster using Rocks
  • Access to the University of Iowa Helium cluster, a 3508 processor core HPC system comprised of 359 compute nodes and 3 login nodes

Other Equipment

2 Color Printers

  • 2 Black and white printers
  • 1 Color duplex printer/copier/scanner
  • 1 Black and white duplex printer/copier/scanner
  • 1 Teleconferencing-A Polycom Viewstation FX H.323 multi-site videoconference system