Clinical Facilities

Our clinic is located in the lower level of the Pomerantz Family Pavilion with parking ramp 4 located nearest. Patients may use Elevator M or follow the grand stairway leading to our reception area. During treatment, we provide valet parking service located directly outside of the department on the ground floor. Grab a coffee or a snack from the coffee shop located on the ground (first) floor directly above the department. Our patient lounge is equipped with complimentary WiFi, a drinks station, and a children’s play area.

Independently equipped with a PET/CT scanner, 3TMRI, three Versa linear accelerators, an Elekta Gamma Knife Icon, an Elekta Unity MRI-Linac and an HDR brachytherapy suite, all out-patient care occurs within the department. A dedicated team of doctors, nurses, medical physicists, dosimetrists and therapists are on site to ensure compassionate, timely care. We pride ourselves on being one of the consistently highest ranked departments in the hospital for patient satisfaction.

Research Facilities

Cumulatively, the FRRBP occupies 6225 square feet of research space shared between space in the Med Lab, MERF and CBRB buildings. Each laboratory is outfitted with tissue culture rooms, laminar flow hoods, incubators and other specialized equipment unique to our research.

The FRRBP houses the Radiation and Free Radical Research Core (RFRRC). The RFRRC consists of Ionizing Radiation Services (IRS), Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Services (EPR), and Antioxidant Enzyme Services (AES) whose services are directed at the both the University and wider scientific community.