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Rotating Shield Brachytherapy development funded

Ryan Flynn, PhD and his team of researchers received funding to further develop Rotating Shield Brachytherapy for clinical and commercial use. The STTR (Small Business technology Transfer) grant awarded will fund the development of a rechargeable, therefore reusable Ytterbium-169 source for the procedure making it more cost effective than a single-use source. The aims of the project (The re-activatable Yb-169 radiation source: a therapeutic medical device to reduce the risk of brachytherapy and increase adoption, 1R41CA268293-01) are to 1) develop a reusable mechanical prototype source wire (ReNeu 169Yb), and 2) develop the reactivation model as a viable clinical and commercial product. Team members on this phaseof the grant include: Kaustubh Patwardhan MS, Joe Caster MD, PhD,  John M. Buatti MD, Yusung Kim PhD and Quentin Adams MD

Monday, August 1, 2022