Siemens 3T Magnetom Vida goes live

Siemens Magnetom Vida

In order to precisely locate tumors and the surrounding healthy tissue, various types of imaging tools are needed, depending on the type and the location of the tumor. While CT scans show bones very clearly, MRI scans are needed to provides crisp, high-resolution images of the brain and other soft tissues allowing doctors to use it to better treat cancers located in these areas. 

When established in 2005, the CEIGRT was one of the first centers in the US to use a 3T MRI for treatment planning. In order to continue to provide excellent patient care the 17 year-old device needed to be replaced.

To this end the new Siemens Magnetom Vida provides greatly enhanced MR-imaging capability and efficiency. MRI Technicians can wheel the patient from MRI to treatment room on a dockable table without having to transfer them. Patients need not hold their breath during image acquisition thanks to technology that allows free breathing. The device is designed to allow Technicians to quickly and easily locate landmarks on the patient anatomy reducing treatment time. Most importantly the image quality is improved through enhanced shimming and correction techniques and the time to acquire the image set reduced through parallel imaging and compressed sensing applications. The system went live on July 25.

Monday, July 25, 2022