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Medical Student Training

The department offers medical student electives in radiation oncology. 

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology is a four week elective in which students are exposed to the field of radiation oncology and cancer management. Students from University of Iowa as well as other medical schools around the nation are invited to take this elective. Students see the breadth of the specialty by rotating through all faculty clinical services. This elective is targeted for students primarily interested in pursuing a career in oncology. 

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

A new two-week elective was developed with Internal Medicine Oncology Division: Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Elective. This elective is intended not only for those interested in radiation oncology, but for any student in any specialty who will encounter patients with cancer. 

Medical students are also encouraged to work with faculty on a myriad of research projects and can develop electives based on their specific interests. 

Virtual Medical Student Rotation

The Department of Radiation Oncology offers a two-week virtual rotation to fourth year medical students enrolled in an LCME accredited medical school who have completed core clinical courses and have passed USMLE Step 1. We unfortunately are unable to accept applications from Osteopathic Medicine students.

This elective will focus on the role of radiation therapy in the management cancer patients. Students will be exposed to a variety of radiation oncology topics, including basic principles of radiation oncology, radiation physics, and radiation/cancer biology, oncologic work-up and management, and radiation treatment planning.

Clinical case discussions about current/previous University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics patients will highlight the utilization of advanced imaging and treatment delivery systems at University of Iowa, including stereotactic radiosurgery on Elekta Gamma Knife ICON, the MR-Linac Elekta Unity, Theranostics Clinic, High dose rate brachytherapy for gynecologic and prostate cancers, deep-inspiration breath-hold technique for breast cancer, utilization of CT, PET and MRI simulation imaging for head and neck cancer, volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) for pediatric craniospinal irradiation and more.

Students will not be directly interacting with patients. Students will learn about multidisciplinary cancer management thru Zoom attendance at department Chart rounds, multi-specialty Tumor Boards and Resident teaching conferences. Students will have meetings with residents to provide perspectives on the residency program at UIHC and the specialty of radiation oncology, including physician scientist training pathway (Holman Pathway). The student will work with faculty and chief resident to choose a topic to present to residents and faculty at the end of the rotation.

To initiate the process, applicants are encouraged to review details outlined in the Visiting Student Information and Application folder of the Student Support tab on the Carver College of Medicine’s official site.

Then, use the imbedded link found under Step 1: Complete the Visiting Student Elective Application.