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Medical Student Training

The department offers two medical student electives in radiation oncology. 

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology is a four week elective in which students are exposed to the field of radiation oncology and cancer management. Students from University of Iowa as well as other medical schools around the nation are invited to take this elective. Students see the breadth of the specialty by rotating through all faculty clinical services. This elective is targeted for students primarily interested in pursuing a career in oncology. 

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

A new two-week elective was developed with Internal Medicine Oncology Division: Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Elective. This elective is intended not only for those interested in radiation oncology, but for any student in any specialty who will encounter patients with cancer. 

Medical students are also encouraged to work with faculty on a myriad of research projects and can develop electives based on their specific interests.