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Current Residents

Whitney Massock next to Gamma Knife

Whitney Massock MS whitney-massock@uiowa.edu

Whitney is a graduate of East Carolina University where she earned her MS in Medical Physics. She is the coauthor of a publication entitled “A quality assurance tool for daily checks of the gamma knife high definition motion management system” for which she designed and built a new QA device for the Leksell GammaKnife. Whitney is clinically focused with an interest in quality improvement projects.


William Ferris, PhD william-ferris@uiowa.edu

Portrait William FerrisWil earned his MS and PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin Madison. His dissertation was focused on active respiratory motion tracking during helical tomotherapy treatments. This work included investigating how well the motion tracking system adapts to changes in the respiratory pattern during treatment and how tumor tracking affects doses to organs away from the target. Wil is interested in active motion management, calibration standards, and quality assurance in radiotherapy.





Joseph Caron, MS joseph-caron@uiowa.edu

Portrait Joseph CaronJoe is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center where he earned his MS in Medical Physics. His thesis, "In Vivo Range Verification using Single Pulse Proton Induced Acoustic Signals", investigated the feasibility of protoacoustic detection as an in vivo method for measuring proton dose depositions during patient treatments in efforts to reduce the range uncertainty in proton therapy. His first author manuscript has been submitted for publication. Joe's interests are centered around implementation of new technologies into the clinic, including MRlinac, Gamma Knife, and proton therapy.