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Current Residents

Blake commissioning Ultrasound HDR

Blake Smith blake-smith@uiowa.edu

Blake Smith has earned his MS and PhD from the University of Wisconsin Madison.  His dissertation work was entitled, “Towards dynamic collimation in pencil beam scanning proton radiotherapy.” Blake has also completed post-doctoral research appointments at the University of Wisconsin Medical Radiation Research Center developing secondary measurement standards for radiotherapy and at the University of Iowa Hospitals and clinics assisting in the clinical development of a novel collimator for proton therapy, which was the primary focus of his thesis work.  The wide diversity of radiotherapy technology and rich, integrated research atmosphere was what interested Blake the most about the Medical Physics residency program at the University of Iowa.

Stan Kruger MRI phantom

Stan Kruger stanley-kruger@uiowa.edu

Stan Kruger has earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin Madison.  His dissertation work was entitled, “Regional Pulmonary Ventilation Assessment with MRI.” Stan has worked in the industry for GE Healthcare as an MRI PSD engineer and as a research professor in the department of radiology at the University of Iowa specializing in Lung, Brain, and Spectroscopic MRI. Stan has recently transitioned to the therapy segment of medical physics with the aim of bridging the gap between imaging and therapy to improve adaptive treatment planning.

Whitney Massock next to Gamma Knife

Whitney Massock whitney-massock@uiowa.edu

Whitney is a graduate of East Carolina University where she earned her MS in Medical Physics. She is the coauthor of a publication entitled “A quality assurance tool for daily checks of the gamma knife high definition motion management system” for which she designed and built a new QA device for the Leksell GammaKnife. Whitney is clinically focused with an interest in quality improvement projects.