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Clinical Training

During the 24 month residency, residents take evaluated clinical rotations per the table below:

Radiation Oncology Clinical Medical Physics Resident Rotation- Year 1 (13 months)

Months Primary Rotation
0.5 Orientation
2 Dosimetric System Acceptance Testing, Commissioning, QA
3 Treatment Planning 
3 Brachytherapy
2 Linear Accelerator Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and QA
1.5 Treatment Planning Sytem (TPS) Commissioning and Beam Modeling
1 Vacation/Sick Leave/Family Leave/Conferences

Radiation Oncology Clinical Medical Physics Resident Rotation- Year 2 (11 months)

Months Primary Rotation
Imaging for Treatment Simulation
1 Imaging for Treatment Verification
2 MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
2 Stereotactic Radiosurgery
2 Special Procedures: Total Body Irradiation (TBI), Total Skin Electrons (TSE) and Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)
1  Radiation Shielding, Room Design, Radiation Protection and Safety
1 Vacation/Sick Leave/Family Leave/Conferences

Didactic Training

Clinical conferences, seminars, small discussion groups, journal clubs and one-on-one instruction are all an integral part of the program. You will participate in the following:

  • Radiation Oncology Journal Club
  • Medical Physics Journal Club
  • Medical Physics and Oncology case conferences
  • Radiation Oncology Chart Rounds conferences
  • Medical Physics Division meetings
  • Assigned readings
  • Therapy Medical Physics Seminars

Research Training

Research training is not explicitly offered as part of this two-year residency. However, opportunities exist for collaborative clinical projects as part of the clinical rotations.