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The practice of urology began at the University of Iowa in 1915 when Dr. Nathaniel G. Alcock was recruited to develop a formal urology program at the University of Iowa College of Medicine. Dr. Alcock and one of his residents, Dr. Rubin H. Flocks, would go on to become pioneers in the field of urology for their collaborations, which resulted in mapping of the blood supply to the prostate and innovative prostatic surgical techniques. In the 1940s, Dr. Flocks also developed the radioisotopic treatment of prostate cancer, leading to modern brachytherapy. Dr. Raymond G. Bunge is credited with creating the world’s first sperm bank in the 1950s, based upon his development of the glycerol medium for preserving sperm. The UI Department of Urology was also the site of the world’s first laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, and Iowa’s first laparoscopic nephrectomy, performed by Dr. Howard N. Winfield.