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Mission and Vision

Patient care is the foundation and the premier obligation of our department and the highest excellence in patient care is our goal. This is achieved by fostering expertise and specialization in all aspects of urological care among our faculty, supplemented by skilled residents, an outstanding nursing staff and a support staff devoted to our mission. Our aim is to be at the forefront of new developments in medical and surgical techniques and technology that have beneficial applications to urological patient care. We continuously and critically review our performance to insure we provide the highest quality of care.

Our educational mission is directed toward health science students, residents, fellows, community physicians and other academic centers. We strive to provide the best possible learning experience for those whom we serve. Additionally, we hope to foster the future medical and academic careers of our medical students, residents and fellows.

We advance a strong departmental commitment to urological research, both basic science and clinical. All departmental faculty are expected to contribute to a vigorous research effort necessary to support the highest quality of innovative patient care. Residents and clinical and basic science fellows are expected to participate in the departmental research effort. Our aim, with involvement of all in the department, is to be a center of urological research excellence.