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Support the Department

The UI Foundation is the preferred channel for private gifts to the Department of Urology. Cash gifts whether currency, personal check, credit card authorization, money order or bank drafts should be payable to the University of Iowa Foundation and mailed to the Levitt Center for University Advancement, One West Park Road, P.O. Box 4550, Iowa City, Iowa 52244-4550.

Richard D. Williams, MD, Faculty Fellowship

This fund provides protected time and necessary supplies and technical assistance for a beginning faculty member to pursue their research interests in urologic oncology. It is the department's goal to raise $1.5 million  to upgrade the fund to a Chair.

General Fund

This fund helps support the Department of Urology in areas of curriculum and teaching support; student financial aid; guest lecturers; faculty recruitment and development; and student travel to academic conferences. 

Men's Health Fund

This fund provides support to the Department of Urology in support of program development for the men's health program/clinic and research in men’s health-related issues.