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The University of Iowa Department of Urology has a rich heritage and is known worldwide for its educational, research and clinical expertise. The department is actively involved in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education. The aim of these educational activities is to provide basic knowledge of genitourinary tract anatomy, function and disease, and to offer career preparation in clinical or academic urologic surgery. In order to achieve these aims and to keep abreast of the expansion of urological knowledge, various areas of special interest have been developed by faculty members within the department. These areas include general urology, urologic oncology, pediatric urology, andrology, sexual dysfunction, urolithiasis, urodynamics and reconstructive urology, and laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

The department also actively recruits top candidates to serve one- and two-year fellowships, in both the clinical and research settings. These fellowships not only allow the department to utilize the expertise of those who bring innovative and dedicated skills to the treatment of patients or the pursuit of research goals, but allows the fellows to broaden their knowledge of their chosen field.