Yi Luo, MD, MS, PhD

Professor of Urology

Contact Information

3202 MERF
Iowa City, IA 52242


MD, Nanjing Medical University
MS, Immunobiochemistry, Nanjing Medical University
PhD, Molecular Biology, University of New Brunswick
Fellow, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Molecular Immunology
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Urology

Research Summary

Dr Luo's research focuses on urinary bladder immunology and immunotherapy, specifically, the interaction of the bladder (an anatomically unique organ) with the immune system. Due to lack of proper animal models, this field of study has been very challenging. His team recently developed a novel transgenic model that develops 'self' antigen-mediated bladder inflammation upon introduction of anti- specific T cells. This model system facilitates studies on the specific immune mechanisms of the bladder pertaining to T cell tolerance, activation, and autoimmune response. Using this model system, Dr. Luo and his colleagues found that the bladder epithelium is capable of presenting self-antigen to the immune system for induction of CD8 + T cell responses. This work may be beneficial and provide additional understanding of pathogenesis of bladder autoimmune diseases and developing effective interventions for these diseases. Their recent work focuses on the role of regulatory T cells in controlling spontaneous autoimmune cystitis and the characterization of the functional outcomes of this model. In addition, Dr. Luo's projects involve exploration of phage-derived peptides for bladder cancer treatment, development of recombinant BCGs, and establishment of bladder cancer models.


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