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Stephen Roy, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dept. of Internal Medicine

Training Mentor: Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD

email: stephen-roy@uiowa.edu

Research Project

The mortality rates of cancer rank at a close second to CVD and treatment modalities for cancer (e.g. chemo and radiation therapy) progress CVD among cancer survivors. Cardiovascular complications typical to radiation treatment include intimal leakage and endothelial dysfunction. Given the benefits of CaMKII inhibition to deter risks attributable to CVD, it is a target of interest to preserve endothelial integrity and function. Therefore, my current research goals are to understand the functional properties of mitoCaMKII within irradiated endothelial cells. As exact future endeavors are difficult to ascertain, I am confident that I will continue my path as a scientist isolating molecular targets to diminish CVD risk or identifying therapeutic strategies to promote cardiovascular health via behavioral or pharmaceutical.