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Carver College of Medicine celebrates We Are Phil Week

Date: Monday, October 10, 2016

We Are Phil Faculty/Staff Giving Week is happening on the UI campus October 10-October 14, 2016 -- our fourth annual celebration of faculty/staff philanthropy. The following is a testimonial from Professor of Pediatrics Tom Scholz on the importance of giving back: 

Dear Colleagues:

Giving back does make a difference. To me, that has always been apparent, most dramatically in terms of the impact philanthropy has had at University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Donors have clearly empowered us to build a world-class institution—and the budget to build our new, cutting-edge hospital facility may not have been approved if we hadn’t been able to raise more than one-third of the cost in philanthropic dollars.Tom Scholz

It has been a revelation to me to learn that it makes a tremendous difference to both the recipient and the giver. I learned of this firsthand while raising funds for the new UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. When I met with donors, you could see in their faces and hear in their voices what a positive effect giving had on them. As a donor myself, I have experienced that joy.

It is difficult to put into words just how rewarding it is to know that your gift is going to impact the care of kids and their families, from Iowa and beyond, to make their lives better and give them hope for tomorrow.

This is why I give back. I may not be able to donate millions of dollars like others can (and thank goodness they can), but I know I’m an important link in the chain that will make the University of Iowa a better place, now and in the future. 

Tom Scholz, MD
2016 We Are Phil co-chair
Professor of Pediatrics
The University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine