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CCOM students swarm Cretzmeyer Track for 2nd annual Carver Black and Gold Mile Run

Carver College of Medicine students on track
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019

Over 200 University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine students showed up at the Francis X. Cretzmeyer Track Sept. 15, for the second annual Carver Black and Gold Mile Run.

The run, which aims to generate scholarship support for MD, PA (physician assistant), and PT (physical therapy) students in the Carver College of Medicine, grants monetary awards to those with the fastest times in various competitions. Students participating in the race compete in four race categories: men’s and women’s individual one-mile run and men’s and women’s 4x400 relay.

To kick off the event, Brooks Jackson, MD, dean of the Carver College of Medicine, delivered opening remarks where he stressed the importance of “staying active, being healthy, and promoting physical fitness” as part of a medical professional’s life. Additionally, Jackson highlighted that, while it is a competition, the event is truly focused on having fun and promoting camaraderie. Finally, Jackson mentioned that, with over 200 students competing, the turnout for this year’s race reached new highs after participation nearly quadrupled from the inaugural run in 2018.

The following list contains winners of events from the Carver Black and Gold Run. Winners of the events receive financial awards applied toward tuition and fees. Awards of $1,000 (first-place), $500 (second-place), and $250 (third-place) are granted to both the men’s and women’s individual mile run. For the men’s and women’s 4x4 relay, the members of the winning teams are each awarded $250.

Men’s individual one-mile run

  • 1st: Ben Fick, M3 (4:38)
  • 2nd: Matthew Wilson, PT2 (4:42)
  • 3rd: Jack Moss, PT1 (4:56)

Women’s individual one-mile run

  • 1st: Maggie Gannon, M3 (5:24)
  • 2nd: Elyse Prescott, PT1 (5:26)
  • 3rd: Courtney Bruns, PA1 (5:45)

Men’s 4x400 relay

  • 1st: Michael Heffernan, M3; Patrick Rooney, M3; Nick Bartschat, M3; Nick Jensen, M3 (3:42)

Women’s 4x4 relay

  • 1st: Tori Troesch, M3; Sarah Kottenstette, M3; Sarah Dougherty, M3; Maggie Gannon, M3 (4:34)