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COVID-19 precautions key to 3rd annual Carver Black and Gold Mile Run

Participant at the Black and Gold Run
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Black and Gold run 2020 for menFace coverings and social distancing were on display as University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine students took part in the third annual Carver Black and Gold Mile Run Sept. 20 at the university’s Francis X. Cretzmeyer Track.

More than 150 students from the college’s MD, PA (physician assistant), and PT (physical therapy) programs participated in this year’s event, which promotes healthy habits and lifestyle choices among medical students and health care professionals.

This year, those healthy habits included safety and prevention measures related to the coronavirus. Participating runners and event staff were tested for COVID-19 the day before the run. All participants were required to wear face coverings when not competing. Social distancing was mandated, and hand sanitizer was readily available. No spectators were allowed to attend this year’s event.

The students competed for scholarship awards—applied toward tuition and fees—in four race categories: men’s and women’s individual one-mile run and men’s and women’s 4x400 relay. Scholarship awards also were given to students who completed the individual 1-mile run in under 10 minutes.

Brooks Jackson, MD, UI vice president for medical affairs and the Tyrone D. Artz Dean of the Carver College of Medicine, noted that the date of the event—Sept. 20—was also the date, 150 years earlier, of the first day of medical school classes on the UI campus in 1870. The Carver College of Medicine sesquicentennial celebration continues throughout the 2020-21 academic year.

Results from the 2020 Carver Black and Gold Run

Dr. Jackson wearing mask at the 2020 runMen’s individual 1-mile run

  • 1st: Samuel Ahrenholz, M1 (4:34)
  • 2nd: Timothy Sevcik, M3 (4:37)
  • 3rd: Ben Fick, M4 (4:43)

Women’s individual 1-mile run

  • 1st: Ali Kallner, DPT1 (5:21)
  • 2nd: Maggie Gannon, M4 (5:41)
  • 3rd: Courtney Bruns, PA2 (5:43:76)

Men’s 4x400 relay

  • 1st: 1st: Christian Henriksen, M1; Caleb Iehl, M1; Ryan Fisher, M1; Samuel Ahrenholz, M1 (3:38)

Women’s 4x400 relay

  • 1st: Leah Reierson, M3; Gabby Holmes, M1; Rebecca Miller, M1; Andrea Arthofer, M3 (5:02)