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Rasmussen family recalls shared career path at University of Iowa physician assistant program

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Adam and Camille Rasmussen

Adam Rasmussen’s in-person interview with the UI PA Program in the Carver College of Medicine was canceled due to an ice storm. He made the decision to attend the program without ever visiting the Midwest. 

He and his wife, Camille Rasmussen, both received their undergraduate degrees from Utah State University. Moving to Iowa City was a step out of their comfort zone, but they trusted the great things they had heard about the PA Program at the Carver College of Medicine. Adam enrolled in 2014, and Camille joined him in the program one year later. 
Camille and Adam both enjoy the flexibility of the physician assistant profession and the opportunity to spend more time in clinic with their patients. 
“The biggest thing for me was to have the ability to pick different specialties without having to do a residency,” Camille says.
As they look back on their time in the Carver College of Medicine, many fond memories come to mind, particularly of the friendships they formed. Adam recalls the summer weekend of the PA Olympics, in which the class got together and enjoyed yard games. 
“The class, colleagues, and faculty are where the memories come from,” Adam says. 
Camille and Adam feel lucky that they had each other to lean on during PA school. 
They knew when they needed to put each other first, and the couple values the continued support they have for each other throughout their journey.  
“Emotional support was sometimes more important than educational support,” Adam says. “Sometimes we had to make sacrifices—like, ‘Instead of getting an A on this test tomorrow, I’ll get a B, and that’s OK.’”

Newfound roots

When Adam and Camille joined the UI PA Program, they were unsure of how long they would stay in the Midwest. But now Iowa City feels like home. 
“We bought a house in Iowa City two years ago,” Camille says. "We decided to put our roots down in Iowa." 
The next step for both Adam and Camille is pursuing teaching opportunities at UI Hospitals & Clinics. They would both like to get involved in the PA Program.
The Rasmussen family