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Michael Anderson, PhD

Contact Information:

Office: 3111A MERF
Phone: 319-335-7839
Faculty Profile

Brief Description of Current Research:

Research in my laboratory is aimed at understanding fundamental physiological properties of the eye and the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying a variety of complex eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy. The majority of projects in my lab involve phenotype-driven genetic approaches in mice to discover genes, modifiers, and networks important to molecular physiology – all of which are capable of making fundamental advances in basic science relevant to diabetes, obesity, and their associated pathologies. Examples of current projects relevant to diabetes include: genetic studies of nee mutant mice, which for largely unknown reasons lack white fat; studies of corneal thickness and its innervation, which may offer clues to the events of diabetic peripheral neuropathy; and resource development for quantitatively imaging the mouse retina, which will promote opportunities for future animal studies of potential new treatments for diabetic retinopathy.  

3 Most Influential Diabetes/Obesity/Metabolism Publications:

  • M. Mao, D.R. Thedens, B. Chang, B.S. Harris, Q.Y. Zheng, K.R. Johnson, L.R. Donahue, and M.G. Anderson.  (2009). The podosomal-adaptor protein SH3PXD2B is essential for normal postnatal development. Mammalian Genome 20(8):462-75. PMCID:PMC2759419 
  • G.D. Lively, D. Koehn, A. Hedberg-Buenz, Kai Wang, and M.G. Anderson.  (2010). Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Murine Central Corneal Thickness. Physiological Genomics 42(2):281-6.  PMCID: PMC3032283
  • M. Mao, F. Solivan-Timpe, B.R. Roos, R.F. Mullins, T.A. Oetting, Y.H. Kwon, P.M. Brzeskiewicz, E.M. Stone, W.L.M. Alward, M.G. Anderson, and J.H. Fingert. (2012). Localization of SH3PXD2B in human eyes and detection of rare variants in patients with anterior segment diseases and glaucoma. Molecular Vision 18:705-13. PMCID:PMC3324357


“Like most Iowan’s, I value a strong work-ethic. I strive to make sure that when I put my hand out to receive, I have something to give”.