Eva Tsalikian, MD

Contact Information

Office: 2856 JCP 
Phone: 319-356-1833 
Faculty Profile

Brief description of current research:

UI Faculty since 1983. Clinical Research in type 1 diabetes: PI of an NIH supported multicenter study as one of 5 clinical centers of Diabetes Research in children Network (DirecNet) entitled “Prevention of Hypoglycemia and Associated Complications in Type 1 Diabetes.” Also PI of the Univ of Iowa NIAID supported Immune Tolerance Network multicenter subcontract “Effect of Intravenous a-1 Antitrypsin on Preserving b-cell Function in New Onset Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus” and “Inducing Remission in New Onset T1DM with Alefacept (Amevive),” Also Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet affiliate site and T1D Exchange Registry site and multiple other clinical studies and trials.