Fee Schedule

Service Fee Description
Microarray Analysis $500 The fee covers routine microarray analysis up to 36 samples with fewer than four comparisons. The fee also includes differential expression, list filtering and limited pathway analysis as well as eventual GEO submission.
RNA-Seq $1,250 This flat fee covers routine alignment of one lane of sequencing and fewer than four comparisons for standard model organisms such as human, mouse, and rat. This includes differential expression, list filtering, and limited pathway analysis. Non-model organisms may have an additional cost.
ChIP-Seq $1,250 The fee covers Bowtie alignment of filtered trimmed reads with peak calling done with MAQS and annotation done with GREAT or similar tool. This results in annotation to the peaks that included adjacent genes.
Exome re-sequencing $1,500 The fee covers BWA alignment to a model organism such as human, mouse, or rat, with a creation of an annotated variant list. Some filtering is included if there is a strategy such as likely genes or a known inheritance pattern.
Data Storage $120/year Users of  the University of Iowa instance of Galaxy consuming over 500Gb (0.5Tb) of storage space will be assessed a storage charge of $22.50 per Tb on a quarterly basis starting October 1, 2014. The storage consumption will be calculated on average storage utilization over a three month period. This charge is assessed in order to recoup storage service costs paid for by the IIHG.
Ingenuity Pathway Analysis Access $25/hour per user OR $1000/year
per lab
Access to the IIHG site license is free for users of the IIHG Genome Sequencing and Microarray services.  It is suggested that you obtain a free trial from Ingenuity before using the UI site license.
IT Support $65/hour IT Support