Accessing Ingenuity Pathway Analysis Software

The University of Iowa has a site license for the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Tools. IPA is one of the industry’s leading software tools used to model, analyze and understand the complex biological and chemical systems at the core of life science research.

IPA has been used in many different applications including:

  • Transcriptomics: IPA has been widely applied to analyze almost any transcriptomics-related question including NGS/RNA-Seq and microarray data analysis.
  • microRNA analysis: IPA combines filtering tools and miRNA-mRNA content to provide insight into the biological effects of miRNAs.
  • Target Discovery: IPA has been used to identify genes that are shown to be activated in a pathological condition may serve as promising targets for therapeutic development efforts.
  • Drug Repositioning: IPA has been used to examine expression profiling of approved drugs and comparison to profiles of diseased tissue can lead to discovery of new uses for these already approved entities.
  • Proteomics: IPA can perform a comprehensive analysis of your proteomics for a deep understanding of proteins and related biological processes.
  • Metabolomics: IPA overcomes the metabolomics data analysis challenge by providing the critical context necessary to gain biological insight into cell physiology and metabolism from metabolite data.

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Access to the University of Iowa’s license to the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis tools can be obtained by clicking here. Once your request has been received, your name and university email address will be sent to Ingenuity who will provide your password to access the software.

It is suggested that you first obtain a free trial license from Ingenuity before using the UI site license. To request a free trial license go to:

Please contact the IIHG (335-3688 or for questions regarding IPA access and billing.