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We perform a number of routine analyses. These analyses include ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, Methyl-Seq, targeted re-sequencing, exome re-sequencing, microarray analysis. We are also able to perform a variety of more custom or emerging techniques, an example of this is metagenomic-sequencing analysis. We are happy, in fact highly encourage you, to meet to discuss the feasibility of developing or implementing any bioinformatics analysis. Please submit an inquiry to the IIHG Bioinformatics Division with a brief description of the project or question and the principal investigator’s name and contact information at iihg-bioinformatics@uiowa.edu.

Please note, the Bioinformatics Division should be consulted prior to beginning any experiments requiring bioinformatics analyses to help ensure success of the project. Failure to meet with the division prior to starting the experiment may result in inability for the division to assist in your experimental analyses. There is nothing more discouraging for us than getting an experiment that does not have the proper controls to appropriately analyze the experiment. In some cases, these experiments can still be analyzed but it is almost always more expensive due to increased time, less informative, and usually less publishable since many journals require specific controls for publication.

What to Expect

A typical experiment will begin with a meeting to discuss the experiment and ensure all controls are in place. After the data is produced the data will be checked, and appropriate alignments and statistical tests performed. It is not unusual that this process may include several meetings as the nature and character of the data becomes more apparent. We work to educate the investigator about the analyses we have done as well as the technical details of the outputs. Finally, we will help produce figures and summarized data that might be required for publication. Publication usually also includes submitting the raw data to repositories such as NCBI GEO. We strive to turn around projects as quickly as possible however we have limited staff and your project may not get attention until a project already in progress is finished.