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Instructions to patients submandibular salivary stones

last modified on: Fri, 06/10/2022 - 16:46

Instructions to patients submandibular salivary stones

Salivary Gland Swelling Patient Questionnaire

Relevant sites addresssing submandibular stones

Simple transoral stone removal: Submandibular Stone and Bartholin's duct

Use of laser to address stone (video): https://medicine.uiowa.edu/iowaprotocols/sialendoscopy

Large stone removed transorally: Sialodochoplasty (complex) for right submandibular sialadenitis with stone (sialolithiasis)

 Favorable stone for transoral resection: Salivary Ultrasound Sonopalpation for Stone Favorable for Transoral Removal

Complicated removal of stone transorally: Sialodochoplasty complex with duct scarring

Submandibular gland removal: Case example Submandibular Gland Resection

Information about salivary stones in general: Sialolithiasis

Large stone requiring gland removal: Ultrasound CT Sialendoscopy and Gross Appearance of Submandbiular Stone

Submandibular duct stent placement and removal Submandibular Duct Stent (Wharton's Duct)

Information about salivary swelling in general: Salivary Swelling

Salivary gland atrophy with chronic obstruction

Submandibular abscess from stone (sialolithiasis, neck abscess)