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Instructions to patients - submandibular salivary stones

last modified on: Wed, 05/22/2024 - 08:30

Salivary Gland Swelling Patient Questionnaire

Relevant sites addresssing submandibular stones

Simple transoral stone removal: Submandibular Stone and Bartholin's duct

Use of laser to address stone (video):

Large stone removed transorally: Sialodochoplasty (complex) for right submandibular sialadenitis with stone (sialolithiasis)

 Favorable stone for transoral resection: Salivary Ultrasound Sonopalpation for Stone Favorable for Transoral Removal

Complicated removal of stone transorally: Sialodochoplasty complex with duct scarring

Submandibular gland removal: Case example Submandibular Gland Resection

Information about salivary stones in general: Sialolithiasis - Salivary Stones - What Causes Them and How to Manage

Large stone requiring gland removal: Ultrasound CT Sialendoscopy and Gross Appearance of Submandbiular Stone

Submandibular duct stent placement and removal: Submandibular Duct Stent (Wharton's Duct)

Information about salivary swelling in general: Salivary Swelling

Retained submandibular duct stone after gland removal with neck fistula

Case Example Retained Submandibular Stone After Submandibular Gland Resection with neck fistula

Case Example of Submandibular Gland Resection with Sialendoscopy to Avoid Retained Stone in Duct Remnant

Case Example 2 Retrograde Sialendoscopy to Prevent Retained Ductal Stone with Submandibular Gland Resection

Salivary gland atrophy with chronic obstruction

Submandibular abscess from stone (sialolithiasis, neck abscess)