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Parotid stone removed through open facial approach

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Note that this case and several other similar cases developed salivary drainage from the penrose drain site with meals after surgery. The differential diagnosis of drainage from disrupted parotid tissue versus drainage from the duct at region of micro-repair was entertained. Most cases responded to a short course of transdermal scopolamine (see Gallo et al 2013) with healing of drain site without further swelling or fluid drainage or accumulation. Additional effort has been to progress to a parotidectomy in a single case to date - as well as other interventions including: Complication from open parotid ductoplasty for stone with parotid cutaneous fistula.


Gallo A, Manciocco V, Pagliuca G, Martellucci S, and de Vincentiis M: Transdermal scopolamine in the management of postparotidectomy salivary fistual. ENT- Ear, Nose & Throat Journal October/November 2013 Volume 92, Number 10-11 pp 516-519