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Visiting Student Information and Application

(Are you a student from outside the US? See the guidelines for international visiting students)  

The 2021 visiting student application cycle is closed.   Updates regarding 2022 will be coming in January, with anticipated opening of the visiting application in April.

The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine annually accepts applications from visiting fourth year medical students from LCME accredited schools.  (We cannot accept applications from D.O. students in Osteopathic programs)

After University of Iowa medical students have been accommodated, any remaining clerkship vacancies are open to visiting students. Third year medical students and students from schools not accredited by the LCME are not eligible. We cannot accept applications from Osteopathic Medicine students. 

Additional important information: Students interested in the following areas must use the link below to complete the department's application process and obtain department approval prior to submitting an application and fee to the Carver College of Medicine:

We also are pleased to offer a virtual visiting student rotation in Radiation Oncology, available beginning in August 2021.  A special application will be available on April 15 and you may visit Radiation Oncology’s education page for additional information.

Visiting Student Policies

The 2021 visiting application opened on April 15, in following national guidance.  If a specific clerkship/department or date is not listed in the application, it means those clerkships are full.  Inquiries about clerkship availability will not be answered. 

  • Only the courses listed in the elective catalog are eligible for enrollment.
  • Applications are processed at least 1 month prior to the clerkship start date.
  • We require four weeks minimum notice to add or drop an elective. When students violate this policy, their home school will be notified.
  • The $100 non-refundable application fee must be received before the application will be processed. Pay the non-refundable fee after you have have submitted your application. (you may apply for multiple dates on one application, with one fee).
  • Living arrangements are the responsibility of the student.
  • All visiting students should be familiar with The Student Handbook, for important information on policies and procedures, as well as professional conduct.

Step 1: Complete the Visiting Student Elective Application

The application is available here.  Applications will be processed starting in May and you will be notified at least 1 month in advance of the clerkship.

Block schedule dates are 4 weeks in length, and align with the CCOM calendar (off-cycle dates are not available).  2021 start dates:  7/5, 8/2, 8/30, 9/27.

PDF iconView the 2021 Visiting Student Course Descriptions

Step 2: Your school will be notified via email to verify the following: Only if your school does not verify any of the following will you need to provide documentation. This includes immunization records.

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a fourth year medical student, and have completed core clinical courses comparable to that of the Carver College of Medicine
  • Be from an Liaison Committee on Medical Education accredited school (applicants from osteopathic-D.O. schools will not be considered)
  • Have passed USMLE Step 1
  • Have health insurance
  • Have malpractice insurance with a $1 million per claim/$3 million aggregate minimum
  • Meet our health and immunization requirements
  • Have received HIPAA and universal precautions training
  • Have completed a background check