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SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science)—San Juan, Puerto Rico October 26–28, 2023
ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students)—Anaheim, CA November 15–18, 2023
NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair July 17, 2024

Short Coat Podcast

Selected podcasts featuring MSTP students and graduates (

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Why You Might Want an MD/PhD:

All about Medical Scientist Training Programs
2018 Oct 08 Aline Sandouk
Jayden Bowen

All M1G students:
Ossama Abu-Halawa
Hassan Karoam (Ahamed)
Akansha Jain
Maddie Mix
Nate Mullin
Miranda Schene
Hannah Van Ert
Qi Wang

MD/PhD Admissions and Shadowing Strategies

2019 Feb 07 Maddie Mix Aditi Patel, Nick Lind, and Dr. John Pienta

Second Looks and Fantasy Gap Years

2019 Mar 07 Aline Sandouk
LJ Agostinelli
Miranda Schene
Danial Syed

Step 1 is Pass/Fail. Now What??? Does making Step 1 pass/fail change everything?

2020 Feb 20

Aline Sandouk
Hannah Van Ert

Matt Wilson, M4
Nathen Spitz, M1

Microaggressions:  preparing to experience, witness, and commit them

2019 Nov 21 Sahaana Arumugam Nathen Spitz, M1
Joel Horne, SCP Intern

Slipping On The Short Coat:  The first step in med school

2019 Aug 29 Aline Sandouk
Maddie Mix

Advice for your first clinicals: slow your roll: Can you trust MSAR?

2019 Aug 08

Aline Sandouk
LJ Agostinelli

Matt Wilson, M3
Tony Mai, M3

Here’s Vomit In Your Eyes:  Admissions questions

2019 May 02 LJ Agostinelli
Aline Sandouk
Megan Kosovski, Admissions
Armin Advic

Invent the Future of Medicine featuring Matthew Howard, MD: See a problem, solve a problem

2019 Mar 21

Aline Sandouk
Miranda Schene
Hannah Van Ert
Maddie Mix

Matthew Howard, MD, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Mamdouh Aker: Palestinian doctor and human rights activist (Bonus Episode)

2019 Feb 18 Shakoora Sabree
Ossama Abu-Halawa
Jordan Harbaugh-Williams
Joelle Friezen

Don’t count on Public Service Loan Forgiveness
The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is Broken

2019 Jan 10 Aline Sandouk
Dylan Todd
Brady Campbell
Chris Roling, Financial Aid Counselor

Hit By A Bus: Our newest co-host has already had a taste of fame

2018 Oct 26 Aline Sandouk
Jayden Bowen
Aditi Patel
Abby Fyfe

Palliative Care: A Perspective from A Land Where It Barely Exists, ft. Dr. MR Rajagopal:  Palliative care is not a thing in India, mostly

2018 Oct 02 Jayden Bowen Dr. Rajagopal
Tony Rosenberg
Ellie Ginn
Rachel Schenkel

Interview Prep, Opening Up, and Death: And no, that’s not the three stages of your med school application

2018 Jul 19 Shakoora Sabree
Aline Sandouk
Jayden Bowen
Amy A'Hearn, CCOM Admissions
Tom O'Shea CCOM Physician Assistant Admissions
Marc Moubarek

Putting the Anxiety Cart Before the Horse: Anxiety about your competitive specialty ambitions in your first year isn’t worth it.

2018 Mar 22 Andres Dajles Irisa Mahaparn
Gabe Conley
Brendon George
Jason Lewis

RIP, Radioactive Boy Scout

2016 Nov 24

Marc Toral
Dylan Todd

John Pienta
Jay Blomme

A Career in Health Policy: Dr. Lauren Hughes

2016 Jul 7 Morgan Bobb Swanson Dr. Lauren Hughes, Deputy Secretary of Health Innovation at the Pennsylvania Dept of Public Health
Mark Moubarek
Corbin Weaver
Rob Humble

Post-acceptance anxiety, Match stats, and backup plans

2016 Mar 31

Marc Toral
Aline Sandouk
Dylan Todd

Lisa Wehr

Two-weekers: What are they good for?

2016 Mar 10 Amy Young (2018 Grad)
Dylan Todd
Kaci McCleary
Corbin Weaver

Sudden Empathy, Too Much Empathy, and A Lack of Empathy

2016 Apr 14

Aline Sandouk
Amy Young (2018 Grad)
Mark Toral

Kaci McCleary

SciFi MedEd

2015 Sept 10 Christina Sloan-Heggen (2018 Grad)
Marc Toral
Dylan Todd
Eric Elliott (2018 Grad)