Joseph J. Chen, MD

Medical Director, Department of Rehabilitation Therapies
Medical Director of Extended Care and Rehabilitation Services
Medical Director, UI Spine Center
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
Medical Director, VA Spinal Cord Injury/Disorders Clinic
Clinical Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Contact Information

Primary Office
0728J JPP
Iowa City, IA 52242


BSc, Sc.B. Engineering, (Concentration in Biomedical Engineering), Brown University
MD, Medicine, Brown University School of Medicine
Internship, Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Resident, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Licensure and Certifications

Board Certified, Spinal Cord Injury Medicine - American Board of Medical Specialties
Diplomate - American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,

Research Summary

Dr. Chen's research interests have focused on clinical outcomes for patients with chronic pain and identifying factors that best determine successful spine rehabilitation outcomes.


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