LMSW Fellowship

Our fellowship is a specialized opportunity catering to individuals who have their Master’s Degree in social work and seek additional training to work as a therapist. Fellows are assigned to the psychiatry department and work closely with a board-approved clinical supervisor to accrue hours toward independent licensure. Fellows are in a unique position to divide their work hours, so they are not only providing therapy within a wide variety of treatment needs, but perhaps most importantly, fellows’ job function includes participation in a host of training lectures, groups, and projects catered toward professional interests. Our hopes for individuals in this position are for them to fully embrace the exceptional interdisciplinary connections available to them in this large academic setting, and to thrive personally and professionally as they gain confidence and direction in their career. 

Our program includes a first- and second-year training protocol. At the time of application and acceptance, fellows are accepted into the first-year program with a one-year employment contract. Fellows are eligible to progress to the second year if they meet satisfactory performance standards during their first year, and then will be offered another one-year employment contract for the second year. Fellows will be working closely with their clinical supervisor and other staff throughout each year to ensure they are staying on track with employment and fellowship competency expectations. At the end of this second year, fellows are expected to have completed their supervision contracts, to be prepared to sit for the state of Iowa LISW exam, and to present superior qualifications for practice at the independent level.

We look forward to talking with you more about our program!


Holly Maas, LISW, LMSW Fellowship Director