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Radiation Therapy Track

Application Process

Acceptance into the professional program is not guaranteed and an application and interview (for invited candidates) is required.  The program starts in the fall.

Students accepted into the Radiation Therapy Program will have exposure to 2 different MRI units during their clinical education.  IF a student has an implant that is not MRI compatible, they will NOT be able to participate in these rotations, however, there are alternative rotations available.  Students will complete MRI education and screening form prior to the start of their clinical practicum.  If you have questions or concerns over your ability to participate in these rotations, please contact the Program Director.

Deadline: January 15 at 11:59 PM. Late applications, including reference submissions (NMT and Therapy only), will not be considered.

Step 1

PRIOR TO starting the Professional Program application:

  1. Apply to The University of Iowa, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Radiation Sciences Interest or Nuclear Medicine Technology Interest major (http://admissions.uiowa.edu/apply). This process can take several weeks; apply by early December. Transfer students – wait to pay the $325 acceptance fee until a program admission decision is made.
  2. Review the Technical StandardsSelf Disclosure of Criminal Background, and Health Screening and Immunization Requirements documents. Certification is often required to practice in these careers. Students may be denied application for certification if they have committed ethics or criminal violations. Students are encouraged to verify their eligibility with the corresponding credentialing agency:
  3. Review the prerequisites for the program. All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the end of the spring semester (or by June 1) in the year you are applying. Request and send all post high school transcripts to Admissions as they are updated. Your degree audit in MyUI must indicate that all courses have been completed or are in progress.
  4. Gather information for:
    • Education and employment information (names, dates, etc.).
    • Criminal offenses - all offenses will need to be reported, with the sole exceptions of speeding and parking violations.
    • Job shadowing and patient care experience - facility name, contact person, number of hours, and types of activities observed/performed.
    • Organizations and clubs – participation dates, position(s) held, and tasks.
    • Program(s) of interest – select and rank your areas of emphasis (if applicable), prepare for essay questions.

Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine Technology only – name and email address for three professional references. Consider supervisors, educators, and co-workers. Contact them beforehand as they will automatically be emailed as soon as you submit your application. Reference responses must be received by the January 15 deadline.

Step 2

Apply to the Professional Program 

Program applications open in early November. Type all application information in a Word document first and then copy/paste it into the online application. Acceptance decisions are made by the first week in March.